do you believe in...ghosts?

of course not. you're a smart, sophisticated, educated person....and the closest you come to the paranormal is watching "Poltergiest" again, or making sure that the little goblins & gremlins who ring your doorbell once a year leave with a candy treat.

but what if you had the chance to...oh forget's too ridiculous to even think about contacting anyone on "the other side", right? even if the spook you are paging is Jeffrey Dahmer - serial killer and cannibal?

well...maybe, in that case...maybe you'd, you know, take a stab at it?

well, i did.

so here - just in time for Halloween - is the story of a ghost hunt at Jeffrey Dahmer's childhood home in Bath, Ohio.


Press Play to hear the radio story:

THE MURDER ROOM, where Dahmer killed his first victim.

Jeffrey Dahmer pic

(contains the song I adapted re: JD from Ledbelly's "John Hardy")