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Got It Togehter
Songs for Guys
New Enemy
Summer Money
Late For Work
Mommy Glow
Nicotine Weather
Never Been Old Before
Bitch Box
Better Than I Ever Was
The Whirlaway
Touch of Gray
Better Than I Ever Was
Curious Girls

2018 Chris Butler/Future Fossil Music (BMI)

Easy Life
Cover art, lyrics, credits and mp3s
Easy Life
Millions and Millions
Hey Stranger
Red Drinks! Red Drinks! (Your life stinks)
Box Of Noise
I Did, I Did
Horseshoes and Handgrenades
Heat Night
Davey's Sister's Home From College
My Hometown
Easy Life (Reprise)
Beggar's Bullets
Fortunate Son

2014 Chris Butler/Future Fossil Music (BMI)

The Museum of Me
Tracks, lyrics, credits and mp3s
A Hole In The Sky
The Idiot Trail
The Man In The Razor Suit
Swamp Boy
Bad Moon Over Mel Bay
Davey's Sister's Home From College
The Bottom Of A Workingman's Beer
Painted Rain
Starved For Summer
Thinkin' About Them Girls
Plus Bonus Tracks

2002 Chris Butler/Future Fossil Music (BMI)

The Best of Kilopop!
Cover art, credits & story
Sure Wish That He Wasn't Here
Kiss R'n'R Goodbye
Red Drinks! Red Drinks! (Your Life Stinks)
Sky Men
To The Wind (Or Something)
Heaven Can Hurt
Beat Of The World
Millions & Millions
Gone I Go
Who Are Parents?
Coming Back Down To Earth

2001 Chris Butler/Future Fossil Music (BMI)

I Feel A Bit Normal Today
Cover art, lyrics, credits & story
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Juice (4:27)
Le French Movie (4:58)
This Isn't Just A Car (5:45)
Buddy's Not Ready (2:50)
Orbiting Monica (4:34)
I Lie The Truth (4:24)
The Habit (3:43)
Gun Day (5:53)
Capitalism (5:19)
Architect or Doctor (5:54)

1997 Chris Butler/Future Fossil Music (BMI)

The Devil Glitch - World's Longest Pop Song!

Visit The Devil Glitch Home Page.
CD: Track 1 "The Devil Glitch" (Short Version; 5:03)
Track 2 "The Devil Glitch" (Long Version; 68:53)

1996Chris Butler/Future Fossil Music (BMI) '

"Then there's ex-Waitress CHRIS BUTLER'S 69-minute (!) single, "The Devil Glitch" (Future Fossil, CD), a screwy swinger with an hour's worth of Butler lyrically vamping on the end chorus as friends, old band mates, and relatives (including Freedy Johnston, Kramer, and Butler's mom) mess with the music. Weird, long-winded, wonderful." David Fricke, Rolling Stone Magazine, June 26, 1997, p.56

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July 11th, 1997, Guinness Book of World Records declares
"The Devil Glitch" to be THE WORLD'S LONGEST POP SONG.
Read the Future Fossil Music Press Release.

The Wilderness Years - Vol.3
45: "The Man in the Razor Suit" (5:11)
/"The Bottom of a Workingman's Beer" (3:36)

1995/1991 Chris Butler/1996 Future Fossil Music (BMI)

Recorded on a Webster-Chicago Model 180-1 wire recorder (c. 1946-49) using World War II Navy surplus stainless steel wire, Type W-174 consumer wire and period crystal microphones.

The Wilderness Years Vol.1
45: "Hole in The Sky" (1:50)
/"Davey's Sister's Home From College" (3:59)

1995/1986 Chris Butler/1995 Future Fossil Music (BMI)

Recorded without electricity or microphones on 100-year-old wax cylinders using a handcranked Edison "Spring Motor" phonograph (c.1898)

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