Sure, I can meet you on your lunch hour
If you want to discuss
What's in our future and are we an us

Clogging the cafe, all smug and serene
A million new mothers, the breeders convene

I trip over strollers on the way to the john
And over the future consumers they've spawned
Polluters they've spawned
It's just so wrong, how can they want this?
Ya squirt one, and it's oh, mommy glow
Ya swap your life, just for some mommy glow

I grew up poisoned, the message was clear
I was a problem, just 'cause I was there
Now how come these women don't know what I know?
That blame comes after the mommy glow?
They'll resent their kid, after the mommy glow

So what's on your mind, my sweet Island of Joy?
Aren't they pathetic, and don't they annoy?
But she eyes them with envy, and then turns to me
Her expression's a question
And I choke on my tea
When it dawns on me

Oh God, she wants one, or two, if not three or five

But children ruin your life
And ya grow up poisoned, the message is clear
You are a problem, just 'cause you are there
And I won't repeat that, so the answer is no
I'm sorry, but no mommy glow
I won't hate some kid, just for your mommy glow.