You swore six weeks ago
You'd teach me the Korean Lean
But you got busy and I got busy
So we tagged it with a TBD

I would've looked dumb anyway
And I've still got a little shred of pride
Any excuse tho to watch you
Wear out a dress from the inside
Look at you!

You make the morning sunrise jealous
Standing by the kitchen stove
With your low slung gunfighter coffee cup
Daring the day to make one false move

Girly girlicious girlattude
A mountain of girliosity
What's it like to wake up each day
And be that lovely?
Wow, look at you!

I ran after you like a man late for work
yes, and I love my job and I'm crazy about you but baby I'll be late I can't I can't...I can't be late for work again

Remember that summer, down the shore?
At Cape Something Whozzy Whatzit?
All those cocao butter brown bodies broilin'
honey of thigh, perk of tit?
Naw, I don't remember any of it
'Cept your swimsuit didn't fit
You kept poppin' out of it
Floppin' out of it
Nice job, God!

I ran after you like a man late for work
Not like your late for an exam in a class you can't stand in a useless subject that you'll never use again

Not like it's April 14th and your taxes aren't done and it's been a bad year so no refund anyway

I ran after you like a man late for work
But I can't be late for work again.